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Barry Cole
Architect of European and American
Scale Bridges
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In Praise of Bridges
"There's always the temptation to create something oversized to be sure the structure is strong. But that's not what model railways are about. The bridge has to be as near to scale as feasibly possible." (Barry Cole)

Using original blueprints, when available, and computer aided design tools, these bridges are fine examples of craftsmanship and attention to the smallest detail.

The Navajo Bridge (center) crosses the Colorado River's Marble Canyon near Lee's Ferry in the US state of Arizona. Apart from the Glen Canyon Bridge a few miles upstream at Page, Arizona, it is the only roadway crossing of the river and the Grand Canyon for nearly 600 miles (970 km). The Victoria Falls Bridge (left) crosses the Zambezi River just below the Victoria Falls. The river is the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia, the bridge links the two countries and has border posts on the approaches to both ends, at the towns of Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe and Livingstone, Zambia.

The model (right) is approximately 1.40 metres long. (
Watch the video below to see a similiar bridge with a Warren Truss Bridge below it)
The highest railway bridge in Switzerland, the Sitter Viaduct (99 metres high) is like many tall railway bridges in Europe where large stone arch approaches give way to a long deck truss that sometimes looks a little out of place. This model was built in honour of my Swiss wife, Heidi.

The Sitter Viaduct model is approximately 1.35 metres long.
The classic American Warren truss was patented in 1848 by its designers James Warren and Willoughby Theobald Monzani. Its configuration combines strength with economy of materials and can therefore be relatively light.

One of the earliest uses for the Warren truss design in aircraft design was for the interplane wing strut layout, as seen in a nose-on view, on the Italian World War I Ansaldo SVA series of fast reconnaissance biplanes, which were among the fastest aircraft of the First World War era.

The Warren Truss Bridge model is approximately 0.70 metres long. (See video below)
Watch issues of British Railway Modeling for an article about Barry's Model Bridges. To read the text now click the Article button.
The Ludendorff Bridge

I feel privileged to be given my first commission by Teenage Cancer Trust Patron and The Who frontman Roger Daltrey CBE.

To construct a bridge along the lines of the Ludendorff, so contributing in some small way to the furtherment of his magnificent layout.

This model is approximately 2.00 metres long.
Here is a Youtube video from Union Pacific's Feather River Canyon.

A little about Feather River Canyon- Was owned by the Western Pacific Railroad. Was the route the original California Zephyr took. It runs between Oroville, CA and Portola, CA. Union Pacific has named it the Canyon sub. It runs BNSF from the valley up to Keddie where it then branches and makes the BNSF Gateway sub. It's an awesome place to railfan and I think you will agree when you see this video.
This video shows a Warren Truss bridge near a Navajo Bridge design.
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This bridge appeared in The Monuments Men movie released February 7, 2014
Movie scene with the model bridge that I constructed in the background.
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