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Architect of European and American Scale Bridges
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We travel under or over them in our busy lives and nobody gives them a second thought. Yet, they are the cornerstone of civilization. This might sound like an exaggeration by an admitted "bridge-o-phile," but if it weren't for bridges, where would the human race be? I think you could go so far as to draw a parallel between the invention of the wheel and that of the bridge, and, in fact, the two complement each other. These two inventions were in no small way responsible for the development of civilization.

My own interest in bridges started in post WW II London, when, as a young child, the area south of the Thames with its many railways and overarching bridges was my playground. Those bridges seemed so massive and, in their own way, beautiful. And perhaps that's what caught my imagination: a bridge is not only a functional structure that allows people to go from point A to point B, but it can also be a thing of beauty!

I guess it's not surprising that I myself became a civil engineer. Happily, my career took me to many different countries where I worked on a number of satisfying projects. Retirement, however, has taken me on a new journey.

A few years ago, a family friend, Roger Daltry, actually, invited me over to take a look at his extensive model railway layout. Together we mused about the notion of a constructed bridge that might support his trains. I immediately became interested and decided to see if I was up to the task.

This web site reflects the models that I have constructed and I hope you enjoy seeing them. If you'd like to ask me about any of these projects or have one of your own, drop me an e-mail
(use the button above) and we can talk about them.


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